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  • PlokWiki

    The JPOG Challenge

    September 13, 2019 by PlokWiki

    Credit to the idea from The Knight of Green who's rule set I modified.

    This blog covers the JPOG challenge which is an attempt to play JWE as closely as possible to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

    • 1. Play on Medium Difficulty Challenge Mode with randomized dig sites, the best approximation to operation genesis mode. All Islands are allowed.
    • 2. Only use Dinosaurs that appeared in JPOG.
      • 2a. Sell fossils of non-associated dinosaurs, only extract DNA if the game won't let you sell them, immediately sell the Stygimolochs on Nublar North if you play on that map. Outside of rule 2a. you are not allowed to sell dinosaurs at all, they must live and die on the island.
      • 2b. You cannot use cut JPOG dinos.
    • 4. No Trait Genes or Cosmetic Genes are allowed, u…

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  • Pachykeith95

    Mesozoic World

    July 20, 2019 by Pachykeith95

    Mesczoic World was the fully functioning theme park on Isla Nublar, which opened to the public in 2018. The main attractions of the park were living dinosaurs, cloned by Keith Wilkinson

    Inspired by, and built over, the original park, Jurassic World contained elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park. The park also functioned as a luxury resort with hotels, restaurants, nightlife and a golf course. By 2019, the park hosted over 4,550 visitors each day, while its hours of operation were from 8AM to 9AM.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Castle

    The T. rex Castle housed two Tyrannosaurus rex, each diffrent colors, and the only known surviving dinosaur from that era. It was one of the most popular attractions and a live feeding was held …

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  • Dinokeith95

    Texas Sanctuary

    June 28, 2019 by Dinokeith95

    Texas Dinosaur Preserve is a new home to the other team that saved the dinosaurs before DPG arrived.

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  • Pokemonzizzle8383

    This Is a teaser image for my small park named A Bite Of Prehistory, it has a few dinosaurs and is still WIP, So Here Is the Teaser Image! 

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  • TheJollyScot

    Hello everyone. With the Claire's Sanctuary update on the horizon, I thought I may make a blog discussing what exhibits and dinosaurs I usually have in my parks. I use this mainly as a standard pattern for both effeciency for challenges and certain campaign maps such as Tacano and Pena. With that, lets dive in.

    This is usually one of the centre pieces of the park and a great way to save on space for other exhibits. The trick to this exhibit is to use the Stress Inhibitor genes on certain dinosaurs to get their stress limits to 0% This means that now matter the population of the enclosure, they will be satisfied as long as their social needs are met; some dinosaurs like the Pachycephalosaurs will fight each other to death if there is too man…

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  • Dinokeith95


    June 4, 2019 by Dinokeith95

    Pachyrhinosaurus is a genus of ceratopsid dinosaur that originated from Late Cretaceous North America. One of the survivers of alskan and canada Pachyrhinosaurus was bred for Jurassic World on Isla Nublar and lived among other species of herbivores on the island where they were encountered during the eruption of Mount Sibo in 2018

    Recreated by InGen on Isla Nublar for Masrani Corporation's Jurassic World, Pachyrhinosaurus originated in Alaska to Canada during the Late Cretaceous period. It lived with other herbivores in the restricted area in the northern portion of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar before the park was abandoned in 2015. Several members of the species remained active on the island in the aftermath of the park's abandonment, and …

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  • NarendraMartosudarmo

    It seems that the developers have taken notice of this wiki. It probably won’t be long until we have more helping hands to improve it.

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  • TheJollyScot

    So, with the latest DLC release there's been a lot of excitement with the game. This pack has a lot of new content, aside from the new dinosaurs. It hints at some new unique animations added for each dinosaur genus, well hopefully. I haven't seen any new animations outside of the new three, but I wouldn't be surprised if Frontier added anything new for the other dinosaurs to keep them fresh.

    Now I'm sure the question is, what is next. There has been rumours of a Jurassic World Evolution 2 , again made by Frontier, with some claiming that the current game is too limited to expand upon. This is a point of contention for me. While it is true that many of the animals are kind of samey in animation and don't really have much personality of their…

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  • Rapsisbetter

    am i seeing this!?!?!? under the dilophosaurus is a new "super secret dinosaur" has been announced when frontier gave us an image when the developer was on the computer!

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  • Owerslachlan

    Hi guys and today i would like to talk about what dinosaur species and hybirds i would love too see be added in Jurassic world evolution so lets begin.

    This post will be updated.

    Pachyrhinosaurus- as we know this dinosaur was seen on the Dinosaur protection webiste as one of the many dinosaurus which was planned to be added in jurassic park but due to issue's pachyrhinosaurus was never cloned for jurassic park but was later cloned for Jurassic world  after the Indominus rex  breakout the pachyrhinosaurus was confrimed to be still alive and it was reported that at least some pachyrhinosaurus were saved from Isla Nublar to be sold off in a auction it is unknown if any are sold off and later the pachyrhinosaurus would be set free alongside the …

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  • PlokWiki

    Cut JWE content

    March 15, 2019 by PlokWiki

    A list of cut JWE content. (work in progress)

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  • Carnogigantus Rex

    We took a step from a Jurassic Park to a Jurassic World in 2015.

    We watched the Park die with Benjamin Lockwood.

    We watched Henry Wu, through it all, strive to create life . . . But what will come of it?

    As both Henry Wu and Hugo Strange, B.D. Wong strikes a certain level of sinister that only Sheev Palpatine can counter. We now know that he is creating hybrids and Bane for war alone . . . but why?

    Henry Wu was the top of his class. He was taken on by Hammond so his work could be widely known, as it was over the twenty-six years so far of Jurassic Time.

    What went wrong?

    To keep his creations under control, Wu used to work in deficiencies into his creations. Lysine contingency, for one. Somehow, this failed, and his creatures were able to adapt.


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  • Mjamnnella

    Over the past few days, I've been working on some concepts for some (relatively) realistic additions to the game, both in the form of DLC and an update. They're pretty extensive, so I put them into document files:

    A Viable Expansion (DLC)

    Update 1.7.0

    If you have any feedback about these, let me know!

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  • Dinokeith95

    Prehistoric Planet

    February 20, 2019 by Dinokeith95

     Prehistoric Planet  is new park coming soon after update this summer. The park will have over 15 species, and each of them came diffrent times and places. This park is important, cause it will help save many endangerd species from extitiction.



    Triceratops Creek: Triceratops, Euoplocephalus and Chasmosaurus

    Ornthiomimid Pond: Gallimimus and Struthiomimus

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Castle: Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Carnivore Territory: Ceratosaurus, Baryonyx and Troodon

    Sauropod Treetops: Apatosaurus, Iguanodon and Polacanthus

    Raptor Training Feild: Velociraptor

    Stegosaurus Mount: Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus

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  • Dinokeith95

    New Jurassic world

    February 20, 2019 by Dinokeith95

    Now this park is like the normal jurassic world.

    It has the same the same dinosaurs, but they have a diffrent enclosers.

    Some in the same enclosers, and some are in diffrent ones.

    Tourists Religion 

    Main Street

    Innovation Center

    Hammond Creation Lab


    Jurassic World Monorail​​​​


    Clothe shop


    Gift shop


    Bowlling ally

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  • YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta

    After all the chaos of Ingen, Masrani, and k0noa's dinosaur theme parks, another person decided to have a go. His name was Hunter, and although he was a juvinile park builder, he had the guts to give it a whirl. Isla Nublar was empty after the safari park's unfortunate incident (IK that hasn't happened, but k0noa will do that. You'll see), so it was open for massive construction after he bought it. Several shops, a hotel and an Innovation Center were built on a main street-ish area, and everything else needed, like power, Rangers, ACU, and Hammond Creation Lab/holding pen, were built out of sight. Now the fun would begin.

    The first pen built was a medium size, around that of the old Stegosaur pen. This pen was going to be home to ten dinosa…

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  • Bricker808


    January 11, 2019 by Bricker808

    I have FINALLY unlocked Isla Tacano but am having complaints, why start with negative money and not being able to get any money unless I completely delete everything? I like the set up, I want to keep it!

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  • Cryptking666

    is it normal that on the PS4 there is more the DLC jurassic world fallen kingdom

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  • TheJollyScot

    DLC ideas

    December 22, 2018 by TheJollyScot

    Thought I might give this a go. Here are some DLC ideas for  dinosaurs which I would like to be added into the game. I doubt many will, but its a nice thought. I also think the game needs new guest facilities. It does get pretty boring after a while plotting down the same attractions over and over again, a problem JPOG also sort of had except worse because that only had one food shop and one gift shop.  Anyway here are a few suggestions of mine. As a note there are no hybrids, marine reptiles or pterosaurs suggested, sorry. I don't know much about other hyrbids and I want to wait and see if marine and flying creatures will be actually implimented into the game first. Also, one of the main aspects of this DLC suggestion list is bringing mor…

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  • YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta

    The Asian Desert DLC adds 5 new species of dinosaurs from Asia, mainly in or around the Gobi.

    "This Oviraptor is a very nice touch to your park. I'm pretty sure it won't be attacked by most hebivores." Cabot Finch.

    The Oviraptor is the first animal unlocked, found by expiditions on Matanceros. The Oviraptor is a carnivore, but it won't attack herbivores, and herbivores won't attack it or panic when it's around. It lives in packs of three to twenty Oviraptors, can exist with thirty other animals max and is the only carnivore that flees from others. It's one of the fastest dinosaurs in the game.

    "A Tarchia? That is an actually nice dinosaur. You don't have much ankylosaurs in the park anyways."

    Ian Malcom.

    The Tarchia is the second dinosaur, avali…

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  • Indoraptor123

    Troodon hunting.

    November 21, 2018 by Indoraptor123

    Okay, the DLC launched, we have the troodon and we all seen what he is capable of doing, but one thing bringed me attention:

    The animation of when he is biting the leg of bigger dinosaurus.

    And another thing: Dinosaurs dont care about others, they need to escape? Lets just pass trough the dinos!

    So, the dinos should not try to run trough other dinos, and what does influece the Troodons?

    Pack hunting! The dinosaur cant escape an troodon attack! Heres an exemple:

    4 Troodons engage an lone Olorotitan:


    Troodon                  Olorotitan                 Troodon


    This way, the Olorotitan cant escape, cause he will get bitten again and again! He is doomed!

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  • Dinokeith95

    Mesozoic world

    November 18, 2018 by Dinokeith95

    Mesozoic World was the fully functioning theme park on Isla Nublar, which opened to the public in 2018. The main attractions of the park were living dinosaurs, cloned by Keith Wilkinson

    Inspired by, and built over, the original park, Jurassic World contained elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park. The park also functioned as a luxury resort with hotels, restaurants, nightlife and a golf course. By 2019, the park hosted over 4,000 visitors each day, while its hours of operation were from 8AM until 9PM.

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  • YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta

    These are the species I want to see in Evolution at some point in time. I am not showing pterosaurs or marine reptiles, however I AM going to do crocodilians and snyaspids. If you want to see my Ice Age idea, go Here.

    Albertosaurus, Amargasaurus, Argentinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Camptosaurus, Compsugnathus, Crylophosaurus, Dryosaurus,  Gastonia, Herrerasaurus, Iguanadon, Microceratus, Minmi, Onthelia, Plateosaurus, Riojasaurus, Tarchia, Zuniceratops.


    Deinosuchus, Dimentrodon, Dodo, Kanymeria, Titanaboa.

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  • Historybuff12345

    i week left

    November 13, 2018 by Historybuff12345

    its just one week until secrets of dr wu is out

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  • Dinosaurus1

    This is a list of animals that I would like to see added into the game.

    Note: This does not include pterosaurs and marine reptiles, since it is understandable that Frontier has many things on their hands for now.

    • Alioramus
    • Amargasaurus
    • Argentinosaurus
    • Australovenator
    • Bajadasaurus
    • Borealopelta
    • Brontosaurus
    • Camptosaurus
    • Charonosaurus
    • Chilesaurus
    • Compsognathus
    • Concavenator
    • Cryolophosaurus
    • Deinocheirus
    • Edmontonia
    • Einiosaurus
    • Gorgosaurus
    • Kaprosuchus
    • Kritosaurus
    • Lambeosaurus
    • Lufengosaurus
    • Masiakasaurus
    • Microceratus
    • Minmi
    • Monolophosaurus
    • Mononykus
    • Oviraptor
    • Pachyrhinosaurus
    • Plateosaurus
    • Postosuchus
    • Prenocephale
    • Protoceratops
    • Segisaurus
    • Shunosaurus
    • Suskityrannus
    • Therizinosaurus
    • Tuojiangosaurus

    • Carnoraptor (Hybrid of Carnotaurus and Velociraptor
    • Gorgosuchus (Hybrid of Gorgosaurus and Kaprosuchus…

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  • Historybuff12345

    new dlc

    November 8, 2018 by Historybuff12345

    recently they annouced a new dlc on the forums which adds 3 new hybrids and 2 new dinosaurs and new story along with that on two of the islands a new section is out and INDOMINUS CAMAFLAGE GENES

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  • Historybuff12345

    Dino’s like ceratosaurus are way to aggressive to other Dino’s the only Dino’s that should be hyper aggressive is the indoraptor and i Rex but every other Dino should not be so aggressive and the herbivores well most of them should not be mad when theirs more than their population count cause yea I just hope they make better Dino ai

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  • YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta

    This is my idea.  This DLC adds a new island.

    "Ah. Isla Congelada. This island is too south for it's frozen lands, but hey, at least we can run Glaicer Park here."

    Ian Malcom.

    This island is a frozen wasteland. Dinosaurs can't survive here, but most animals for this DLC can. This is the largest island on the Five Deaths, because there are so many animals here to unlock.

    "Ah, the Woolly Mammoth. A classic addition to the park. Beware of it's sudden need to have companions."

    Cabot Finch.

    The Woolly Mammoth is the first animal availble to the player on Isla Congelada. It is a large social animal that needs 3 other mammoths to be content. It can live with 20 other animals in the same enclosure. It eats from ground herbivore feeders.

    "You see, Ice Age…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Hello, everybody to my planned dinosaur theme park for Jurassic World Evolution!

    • Triceratops
    • Stegosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Apatosaurus
    • Edmontosaurus
    • Gallimimus
    • Struthiomimus

    • Tyrannosaurus rex

    • Velociraptor
    • Deinonychus

    • Apatosaurus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Camarasaurus
    • Diplodocus
    • Mamenchisaurus
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  • YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta

    This is my idea for a park in JW: Evolution. This is my idea, FYI.

    Island: Isla Nublar.

    Pen. Animals living there.
    Parasaur Peaks. Parasaurolophus, Camarasaurus , Styracosaurus.
    Tyrannosaur Town. Tyrannosaurus Rex .
    Ceratopsid South. Triceratops, Sinoceratops, Sauropelta.
    Stegosaur Swamps. Stegosaurus , Mamenchisaurus , Gallimimus.
    Raptor Rock. Velociraptor .
    Brachisaur Beach. Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus , Edmontosaurus .
    Corythosaur Canyon. Corythosaurus, Nodosaurus, Torosaurus.

    Viewing Platforms: All.

    Gyrosphere: All Herbivore Enclosures.

    Hotels are in the island's center.

    Tell me in comments!

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  • Theferretman21

    I used "A Lost World" as a way of recreating a canonically accurate Isla Sorna, well, here it is.

    1. Velociraptor tribe encountered in "The Lost World". Currently 4 raptors make up the tribe near the "Worker Village".

    2. The Buck Tyrannosaurus. Only one individual exists here for obvious reasons too anyone who plays the game. He represents his entire family.

    3. The Game Trail Currently holds 4 species, one herd of Parasaurolophus, one herd of Gallimimus, 3 Mamenchisaurus, and 4 Edmontosaurus.

    4. The Pachycephalosaurus herd has moved away from the Game trail and settled near the lake, the herd currently consists of four individuals. 

    5. The Stegosaurus herd seen in the Lost World resides here, currently made up of 6-7 individuals.

    6. A pair of B…

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  • Steamblust

    Expanding the wiki

    July 12, 2018 by Steamblust

    Hello everyone. I appreciate all the work you've put on our wiki.

    While we have a great deal of information on Dinosaur pages, the stub articles including buildings, characters and islands are still lacking. So instead of updating the dinosaur pages, i think we should work on expanding other aspects of the game.

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  • ScaryMovie53

    Hey, guys and girls :-). For my first blog in this wiki, i would like to post my own review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I think everyone already saw it, but just for you who didnt, take note there are spoilers. I personally dont have any problem with spoilers, but i know some do have.

    Here's the review:

    I still dont know how was it compare to parts 1, 2 and 4 (at least far better than part 3), but it was an entertaining movie. The volcano that practically annihilated the island was a great symbolism to what happen when people refuse to control their temper. Some of the dinosaurs jumped into the water. Some were taken to auction. Others, like a poor brachiosaurus who got burned and couldnt see anymore because he was surrounded with smo…

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  • RTLP9292

    Note: Yes, yes, I know I already posted this in the discussions topic, but I didn't know I had a more appropriate place to post my post, so I'll post this here too, enjoy!

    So, as you all know, if you want to put all the dinosaurs on a single island you have to do a lot of planning, from space to the population of each animal and then, thinking about it, I designed my future park in the paint with all the dinosaurs (except the hybrids), I really hope that the scale of the facilities is correct, because it took a while to plan. In my park I thought of putting each dinosaur in its respective biome and with other dinosaurs that shared the same place at the same time, and although some specimens has a different coloration from one another, I tho…

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  • Cyrannian

    My Gallery

    June 30, 2018 by Cyrannian

    Thought I'd share some of the images I've created using Ansel. Enjoy!

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  • Lelouch Strife


    June 29, 2018 by Lelouch Strife

    welp i finally got platinum for Jurassic World Evolution so if there's like any advice or help ya need for Evolution i'll happily help 

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  • 550684


    |liststyle= font-size:90% |state1=} |list1=

    </font> |list1 = Archaeornithomimus Gallimimus Struthiomimus
    |group2 = |list2 = Ankylosaurus Crichtonsaurus Euoplocephalus Nodosaurus Polacanthus Sauropelta

    |group3= |list3= Chungkingosaurus Gigantspinosaurus Huayangosaurus Kentrosaurus Stegosaurus

    |group4= |list4= Chasmosaurus Nasutoceratops Pentaceratops Sinoceratops Styracosaurus Torosaurus Triceratops

    |group5= |list5= Deinonychus Dilophosaurus Proceratosaurus Troodon Velociraptor

    |group6= |list6= Dracorex Pachycephalosaurus Stygimoloch

    |group7= |list7= Corythosaurus Edmontosaurus Iguanodon Maiasaura Muttaburrasaurus Olorotitan Ouranosaurus Parasaurolophus Tsintaosaurus

    |group8= |list8= Albertosaurus Allosaurus Bary…

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  • LemonSkunk123

    Isla Pena ?

    June 25, 2018 by LemonSkunk123

    Hello guys and girls out there 

    im struggling on Isla Pena and i cant seem to get far on it without some sort of set back e.g: t-rex escaping or a bloody great big twister popping up every 5 minuetes. 

    i need some advice on how to get further through the island enough to unlock the next island.

    Many Thanks

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  • Cyrannian

    Hey guys, I've updated the dinosaur infobox with some information provided by the in-game bio of each animal, and I was hoping someone could lend a hand in updating the source of each page.

    Here's the T. rex infobox as an example:

    |title1 = Tyrannosaurus |image1=JWETyrannosaurus.png |diet = Carnivore |era = Late Cretaceous |family = Tyrannosauridae |dig_sites = Lance Formation, Hell Creek Formation |length = 14 metres |height = 5 metres |weight = 18 tons |comfort_threshold=85% |social_group=Solitary |ideal_population=0-15 Read more >
  • Lelouch Strife

    ok guys i'll make this short and simple in this game what's everyone's three favorite dinosaurs excluding Indominus 

    mine is Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor 

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  • Lelouch Strife

    dont get me wrong loving every minute of this game but i notice a few flaws minus the limited space and the fact you can't use the entire islands to your benefit here are some things i think Frontier should work on.

    1: more rides: now i'm not sure how many attractions aside the dinosaurs were in Jurassic World but i only saw 3 attractions minus the Mosasaur show, there was that Lagoon Ride, that Safari one where they're all in a truck racing along side the gallimimus and then the Gyrospheres while due to the limited space i can see the lagoon one not being a possability but that safari one would be awesome to add.

    2: Dinosaurs - i'll get this one out of the way first the carnivores are way to hungry all the time they eat like every minute an…

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  • Mjamnnella

    This is just a list of dinosaurs I'd like to see down the line in Jurassic World: evolution, along with a brief explanation each.

    • Acrocanthrosaurus (Present in JP:OG)
    • Albertosaurus (Present in JP:OG)
    • Alioramus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Carcharadontosaurus (Present in JP:OG)
    • Compsognathus (Already confirmed too small, but perhaps a Compy dome of sorts could suffice)
    • Dryosaurus (Present in JP:OG)
    • Homalocephale (Present in JP:OG)
    • Iguanodon (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Panoplosaurus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Ornithomimus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Ouranosaurus (Present in JP:OG)
    • Stegoceratops (Cut from Jurassic World)
    • Tenontosaurus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Thescelosaurus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Tianchisaurus (Meta dinosaur, similar to Chrictonsaurus)
    • Wuerhosaurus (Cut from JP:OG)
    • Yangchuanosaurus (Cut from JP:OG)

    Many of these can …

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  • TheJollyScot


    Ok sorry for this rather random blog post but I wanted to discuss this.

    So there's been a lot of two-and-froing about this world and whether its spelled Palaeontology or Paleontology. Now being from the UK (specifically Scotland) we always spell it Palaeontology, as does most of the world, as it comes from the Greek world 'Palaios', meaning 'ancient'. But in the USA for whatever reason it is spelled Paleontology. I don't know why, but the US also has a thing against the letter U in things like Colour or Neighbour.

    That being said it also seems both are interchangable and I hope this doesn't sound too rude but I just wanted to address this. And I read up about it here if you're wondering:…

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  • Cyrannian

    Expanding the Wiki

    June 3, 2018 by Cyrannian

    Hey guys, thanks for all of your help as we approach release!

    While Evolution Wiki has a great deal of information about the dinosaurs available in the game, at this point we're lacking when it comes to information about the islands, buildings and people in the game. While I know we don't have a great deal of information to go on before release, I recommend looking through the stubs for pages in need of an expansion.

    Additionally, perhaps we could work on a page for dig sites, research and diseases?

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  • Lelouch Strife

    Ok as far as we know and seen Jurassic World Evolution is by far supirior to it's predicessor Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, i'm a all time major Dinosaur fan i mean in my fanfiction story Nirvana i have a adopted ageless baby dinosaur named Speckles (from Speckles the Tarbosaurus) and mentioning that i hope they'll add breeding that was Jurassic Park's first mistake, most of the dinosaurs would have died off from Rexy (Favorite Dinosaur aside Blue) and yes while i know this is a game i just want there to be breeding, see how well they would make baby dinosaurs, anyway aside breeding i hope they add more carnivores, my sister is really hoping Allosaurus shows up in this game that is her favorite dinosaur, i hope they add all the dinosaur…

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  • Theferretman21

    Achievment thing.

    April 20, 2018 by Theferretman21

    So, I'm gonna make this useful, why do the posters for JWFK look ridiculous? I mean have you looked at them?

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  • Cyrannian

    Park Showcase

    April 17, 2018 by Cyrannian

    Hey guys, I have an idea that we could implement once the game's released in June. I was thinking that we could create a namespace on the wiki in which we can write about the parks that we've created, sharing images, dinosaurs and layouts. I already have plans to write an in-universe history of my parks, including events which occur in-game, such as dinosaur breakouts and storms!

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  • Dinosaurus1

    In the Description section, should we mention the accuracy of the dinosaurs? We can use the Youtuber Calico Jackosaur's videos for them, since he is doing videos on them.

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Wikipedia Template

    April 15, 2018 by Dinosaurus1

    Is it okay if we were to put a Wikipedia template on dinosaur pages?

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