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Superjakob Superjakob 26 days ago

User blog:Superjakob/My DLC Wishlist

  • 1 Rise of the Hybrids:
    • 1.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 2 American Dinosaur Pack:
    • 2.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 3 European Dinosaur Pack:
    • 3.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 4 African Dinosaur Pack:
    • 4.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 5 Asian Dinosaur Pack:
    • 5.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 6 Australian Dinosaur Pack:
    • 6.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 7 Herbivore Dinosaur Pack:
    • 7.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 8 Carnivore Dinosaur Pack:
    • 8.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 9 Piscivore Dinosaur Pack:
    • 9.1 Dinosaurs:
  • 10 Cenozoic Pack:
    • 10.1 Animals:

  • Ankylodocus
  • Armormata
  • Bahariasaurus
  • Bambiraptor
  • Giganocephalus
  • Kritosaurus
  • Liliensternus
  • Prosaurolophus
  • Santanaraptor
  • Sarcosaurus
  • Saurosuchus
  • Spinoraptor
  • Stegoceratops

  • Abelisaurus
  • Achelousaurus
  • Albertaceratops
  • Anhanguera
  • Antarctosaurus
  • Archelon
  • Argentinosaurus
  • Arrhinoceratops
  • Brachyceratops
  • Bravoceratops
  • Buitreraptor
  • Cedarosaurus
  • Chindesaurus
  • Chirostenotes
  • Daspletosaurus
  • Desmatosuchus
  • Dolichorhynchops
  • Dromiceiomimus
  • E…

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Mjmannella Mjmannella 11 June

JWE2 Rumours - Then, Now, & the Future

The included images were leaked all the way back in April of 2019, meaning that development of JWE2 was at least this long (if not longer).

We can verify the presence of desert maps, and one of the website's screenshots indicates colder maps too. Whether or not we get snow or Styracosaurus will have to be seen later.

On October 29th, 2021, a French YouTube got a early store copy of Jurassic World Evolution 2. They revealed that the base game will have 79 total creatures (dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles combined).

The following day, the full base-game roster was leaked well over a week before launch. This split the roster up into 67 dinosaurs (matching the final amount from the first game), 6 pterosaurs, and 6 marine reptiles. The leak…

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Domcomins Domcomins 25 March

Sorna Start Up!


This is a FanMade Jurassic World Evolution DLC that I have created!

It has a story to go with it, also new: dinos, research items, buildings and missions!

anyways heeeereee weeeee gooooo!!!!

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Slimesauros Slimesauros 19 March


o ultimassauros é um super hibrido que foi criado entre jurassic park 3 e 2 ele é uma mistura de:triceratops,t-rex,anquilossauros

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Dragonwing238 Dragonwing238 17 March

King of the Habitat: OOC

I vision the Deinonychus pecking order as somewhat like this:

  • Alpha female (Nyx)
  • Secondary female(s) (Aquila), Alpha female's mate (Desipis)
  • Secondary female(s) mate(s) (Sobek)

The Deinonychus basically pick after the kills of larger carnivores, killing small ornithomimids when necessary. This social structure is used by real life hyenas, and their behavior in the park(scavengers that pick the scraps of kills made by larger predators) is similar as well.

Nyx: The greek personification of the night.

Aquila: Latin for Eagle.

Desipis: Latin for Insane. A very predator-sounding name.

Sobek: The Egyptian crocodile god.

Fenris: A gigantic wolf in Norse mythology, fortold to kill Odin during Ragnarok.

Fenris is a real T-rex on my Isla Pena. The Deinonychus…

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Dragonwing238 Dragonwing238 16 March

King of the Habitat

Fenris lifted his snout to the air. The Torosaurus would not escape. Nothing ever did. The Torosaurus tripped and fell, and Fenris was there. It lifted its head to face the imposing T-rex and aimed a strike at his chest. Too late. Fenris darted in, pushing the Torosaurus down with his foot and sinking his teeth into it's neck. With a flick upwards, the Torosaurus's spine cracked under his jaws. He lowered his head and let the Torosaurus fall out of his jaws, before tearing a chunk of meat from its belly. He devoured the carcass with great vigor, leaving it half-eaten. As he thundered away, his belly full, the Deinonychus trailing behind him emerged. Nyx, the alpha Deinonychus, checked to see that Fenris was not coming back. He had left, so…

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Dragonwing238 Dragonwing238 16 March

A Ride in the Preserve

Suddenly, the bay doors opened, and the gyrosphere jolted forward. The gate slid open, and the gyrosphere continued along a path and turned to view a lake, and Maya saw her first dinosaurs in the Preserve. Names of dinosaurs flashed over a small viewscreen on the interior of the gyrosphere. A pair of sauropods (Camarasaurus, the screen said) dipped their heads into the sparkling waters to drink. Four small Struthiomimus frolicked in the water, uttering occasional chirps and trills. The sun glittered off their golden hides, moistened with water from the lake. The gyrosphere paused to let a striped gray Triceratops cross the path, and then the sphere continued on its way through a patch of lush forest. It continued for a while. Maya looked a…

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Ringlemur20 Ringlemur20 15 March

Jurassic World Evolution DLC Ideas

  1. Water DLC
    1. Water parks: Brings in money and fun
      1. Variation: Boat tours
    2. Water Depths: Shallow, regular water for drinking, wading and fish feeders. Medium: Water for shallow water reptiles and some dinosaurs like Spinosaurus, and Baryonyx. Deep: Water for dinosaurs like Mosasaurus.
    3. Buildings: Under/over water viewing galleries, water Hammond Creation Labs, water gates, water rangers in boats, water feeders. All are pretty self explanatory. If you have questions, you can comment on this post.
    4. Of course, new water animals.
  2. Camp Cretaceous DLC
    1. Tree houses/camps, obviously.
    2. Maybe a field genetics lab?
    3. Camp cretaceous VEHICLES! Including the trucks they use, and maybe the motorcycles used in season 2.
    4. New guest outfits, I like the camp cretaceous staff unif…

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Dragonwing238 Dragonwing238 15 March

Beginner's Guide

  • 1 Early Game
    • 1.1 Your Priorities:
    • 1.2 Step 1: Securing your Income
    • 1.3 Steps 2 and 3: Essential Buildings
    • 1.4 Step 4: Research Eveything
  • 2 Isla Tacano
    • 2.1 Preparation
      • 2.1.1 Required
      • 2.1.2 Helpful
    • 2.2 Step 1: Get out of Debt
    • 2.3 Step 2: Build Amenities
    • 2.4 Step 3: More Dinos
  • 3 Contracts and Missions
    • 3.1 Contract Glossary
    • 3.2 Dealing with Isla Matanceros's Security Mission
    • 3.3 Dealing with Any Mission that Involves Keeping an Agitated Dinosaur inside an Enclosure
  • 4 Mixing dinosaurs
    • 4.1 Types of Combat
      • 4.1.1 Death Duel
      • 4.1.2 Hunt
      • 4.1.3 Territorial/Dominance
    • 4.2 Dinosaur Families
      • 4.2.1 Dinosaur Relations
      • 4.2.2 Carnivore Combinations
  • 5 Dinosaur Enclosures
    • 5.1 Social Groups by Dinosaur(Partial)
    • 5.2 Enclosure Size Requirements by Family(As Tested)
  • 6 General Tips

  • Secure a stable source of income.
  • Build …

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A17598 A17598 8 February

We should get mosasourus for the fallen kingdom pack and more animals from the new movies that are coming

If we are to get more dinos we should have more support we get lots of support and they may add our mosasourus and make the aquatic pack and then we can get enough support and get the aquatic pack for us all

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GojiraStudios GojiraStudios 23 December 2020

Dromaeosauridae pack

The Dromaeosauridae Pack is the forth Dinosaur Pack for Jurassic World Evolution. It was released alongside Update 1.14 on December 20, 2020, for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It features three deadly species of dinosaurs:

  • 3 TRIVIA

Increase the diversity of life in your park with the addition of three new distinct triassic. The Jurassic World Evolution: Dromaeosauridae Pack adds sociable plant eaters that are a great addition to any vibrant park.

  • Utahraptor: Much like the later raptor species, Utahraptor was armed with sickle-like claws on its hind legs and it had self-replenishing teeth in its jaws. Thus, these pack-hunting killers were well-armed.
  • Dromaeosaurus: Measuring 2 meters long and weighing 45 kilos, D…

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Egor200 Egor200 10 December 2020

Triassic Dinosaur Pack

The Carnivore Dinosaur Pack is the third Dinosaur Pack for Jurassic World Evolution. It was released alongside on December 20, 2020, for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It features three deadly species of dinosaurs:

  • 3 TRIVIA

Increase the diversity of life in your park with the addition of three new distinct triassic. The Jurassic World Evolution: Triassic Dinosaur Pack adds sociable plant eaters that are a great addition to any vibrant park.

  • Coelophysis: The remains of hundreds of individuals were found at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, which provided scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to study the individual differences within a large herd of the same dinosaurs.
  • Plateosaurus: Like Coelophysis, a great ma…

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Jamesmasterex346 Jamesmasterex346 29 September 2020


This Is a BIG Announcement. I am trying to collect ALL FALLEN KINGDOM LINE TOYS (well ones i dont have) and here is list of ones i already have













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Toxiccat2308 Toxiccat2308 19 May 2020

Loving this game

Absoloutly loving this game, am adimitadly finding claires sanctuary a challenge. 

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 3 February 2020


Yes. I made this. I don't have photos yet, but I might soon.

Also, I used all the disabled options for everything I could.

Gentle Giants Petting Zoo: Dryosaurus, Archaeornithiomimus, Dracorex, Nigersaurus, Nodosaurus, Torossaurus.

Gyrosphere Valley: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Sinoceratops, Corythosaurus.

Cretaceous Cruise: Chunkingosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Diplodocus, Dilophosaurus, Metricanthosaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus.

T-rex Kingdom: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Gallimimus Valley: Gallimimus, Edmontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Gigantspinosaurus.

Spinosaurus Creek: Spinosaurus.

Majungasaurus Zone: Majungasaurus.

Pachy Arena: Pachycephalosaurus.

Herrerasaurus Zone: Herrerasaurus.

Raptor Show:…

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Amscholte21 Amscholte21 30 January 2020

The World of Hybrids

This was just a documentary idea of Dinosaur, Aviary, Marine, and Cenozoic Hybrids 

Please comment to this

  • 1 North Dakota Plains and Forest 
  • 2 Netherlands Forest 
  • 3 Colorado Forest 
  • 4 Idaho River 
  • 5 Montana Mountains 
  • 6 Sonoran Desert 
  • 7 Saharan Desert 
  • 8 Mississippi River 
  • 9 Hawaiian Beach 
  • 10 Ecuadoran Jungle
  • 11 Mongolia Mountains 
  • 12 European Coast 
  • 13 Great Plains 
  • 14 Indian Forest 
  • 15 British Columbia 
  • 16 Alaskan Peninsula 
  • 17 Russian Tundra 
  • 18 Russian Shores 
  • 19 Atlantic Ocean 
  • 20 Serengeti Park
  • 21 Scandinavian Taiga
  • 22 Gallary

Indominus Rex: 

  • Size: 50.9 feet 
  • Diet: Goats, Stegoceratops 


  • Size: 24.0 feet 
  • Diet: Goats, Stegoceratops 


  • Size: 37.9 feet 
  • Diet: Plants 


  • Size: 91.8 feet 
  • Diet: Plants 


  • Size: 21.3 feet 
  • Diet: Goats, Stegoceratop…

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 28 January 2020

Planet Dinosaur game idea.,

I have created my idea combining dinosaurs with Planet zoo's peice-by-peice building style. The game also has a Basic, Challenge, and Sandbox mode. I hope you like my idea. The link is below.


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Mjmannella Mjmannella 28 January 2020

Sequel Concepts (Factoring in Rumours)

  • 1 Disclaimer
    • 1.1 New Creatures
      • 1.1.1 Paddock Creatures
      • 1.1.2 Aviary Creatures
      • 1.1.3 Aquarium Creatures
    • 1.2 New Buildings
    • 1.3 New Maps
    • 1.4 Gameplay Changes
      • 1.4.1 Dinosaur Changes
      • 1.4.2 Management Changes
      • 1.4.3 Narrative Changes

This concept blog will be factoring in the following leaks and rumours:

  • April/May 2019
  • January 2020

  • Therizinosaurus (Mentioned)
  • Archaeopteryx (Mentioned)
  • Concavenator (Mentioned)
  • Amargasaurus (Mentioned)
  • Wuerhosaurus (Mentioned)
  • Dimetrodon (Mentioned)
  • Teratophoneus (Carcass in FK)
  • Peloroplites (Carcass in FK)
  • Lesothosaurus (Semi-Canon)
  • Segisaurus (Semi-Canon)
  • Charonosaurus (Mentioned in JWE)
  • Pachyrhinosaurus (Mentioned in JWE)
  • Sinosaurus (In place of JWE Dilophosaurus dig-sites)
  • Callovosaurus (Novel)
  • Coelurus (Novel)
  • Hadrosaurus (Novel)
  • Hypsilophodon (Novel)
  • Mussaurus (Novel)
  • Or…

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Sam16SunWukong50 Sam16SunWukong50 21 October 2019

The Ultimate DLC (Written by Sam Neugebauer)

My name is Sam Neugebaur and if everybody including every one of you are listening to this right now, I'm working what you would all call it "the Ultimate DLC", it's absolutely and truly 1 billion percent true! This DLC I'm making will totally make Jurassic World Evolution not only far much better and so much superior than Planet Zoo and being the newest Num.1 business simulation game in the world, the only one reason is... (drumroll and trumpet please)... the reason is... that Jurassic World Evolution will be... the very best game in history because... not only there would there be 400+ species in the game including 20 new hybrids you'll all send digging teams (except the hybrids) to excavate the fossils and then transporting them back he…

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Dinosaurus1 Dinosaurus1 14 October 2019

Dinosaurus1's Jurassic World Theme Park (JW: Evolution Inspired)

Hello, fellow JW Evolution wikians.

Today, I am here to present my dinosaur theme park, which is inspired by JW: Evolution. Since I have seen other people doing this, I thought it would be fun to make this theme park for myself.

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Amscholte21 Amscholte21 10 October 2019

User blog: Amscholte21/Prehistoric World

Prehistoric World (My fanmade Jurassic World Evolution) 

  • 1 Dinosaurs 
  • 2 New Dinosaurs 
  • 3 Pterosaurs 
  • 4 Marine 
  • 5 Crocodilians 
  • 6 Amphibians 
  • 7 Sphenacodontidae 
  • 8 Hybrids 
  • 9 Cenozoic 
  • 10 Cenozoic Hybrids
  • 11 Feeders 
    • 11.1 Herbivore: 
    • 11.2 Carnivore: 
    • 11.3 Piscivore: 
  • 12 Changes
  • 13 Trivia
  • 14 Gallary 

  • Tyrannosaurus 
  • Velociraptors 
  • Styracosaurus 
  • Brachiosaurus 
  • Carnotaurus 
  • Herrerasaurus 
  • Suchomimus 
  • Ankylosaurus 
  • Iguanodon 
  • Kentrosaurus 
  • Stygimoloch 
  • Diplodocus 
  • Proceratosaurus 
  • Spinosaurus 
  • Baryonyx 
  • Giganotosaurus 
  • Carcharodontosaurus 
  • Nasutoceratops
  • Pachycephalosaurus

  • Tarbosaurus 
  • Alioramus 
  • Lythronax 
  • Gorgosaurus 
  • Nanotyrannus 
  • Cryolophosaurus 
  • Torvosaurus 
  • Irritator 
  • Argentinosaurus 
  • Therizinosaurus 
  • Concavenator 
  • Amargasaurus 
  • Ornithomimus 
  • Erlikosaurus 
  • Utahraptor 
  • Pyroraptor 
  • Dromeaosaurus 
  • Coelophysis 
  • P…

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Amscholte21 Amscholte21 7 October 2019

DLC Ideas

Ideas for DLCs 

  • 1 Tyrannosaurs 
  • 2 Triassic 
  • 3 Spinosaurs
  • 4 Abelisauridae
  • 5 Carcharodontosaur
  • 6 Tetanurae
  • 7 Sauropods
  • 8 Halloween
  • 9 Jurassic
  • 10 Pterosaur
  • 11 Marine
  • 12 Crocodilian
  • 13 Ornithomimidae
  • 14 Cenozoic 
  • 15 Therizinosauridae
  • 16 Owen
  • 17 Amphibians
  • 18 Sphenacodontidae
  • 19 Pleistocene
  • 20 Miocene
  • 21 Snake 
  • 22 Piscivore 
  • 23 Omnivore 
  • 24 Invertebrate
  • 25 Austrailian 
  • 26 Eocene
  • 27 Animal Updates 

  • Tarbosaurus
  • Alioramus
  • Nanotyrannus
  • Lythronax
  • Gorgosaurus

  • Postosuchus
  • Coelophysis
  • Plateosaurus

  • Irritator
  • Siamosaurus
  • Oxalaia
  • IchYovenator


  • Suchotator
  • Spinonyx

  • Abelisaurus
  • Xenotarsosaurus
  • Rugops
  • Keyptops

  • Mapusaurus
  • Tyrannotitan
  • Veterupristisaurus
  • Torvosaurus

  • Kayentavenator
  • Momolophosaurus
  • Pandoravenator

  • Argentinosaurus
  • Giraffititan

Hybrids: Nodopatosaurus

  • Therizinosaurus
  • Concavenator
  • Amargasaurus

  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Megalosaurus
  • Patago…

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Roadrunnerfromhell Roadrunnerfromhell 21 September 2019

Ideas for DLC and Updates

Asterisk indicates added

  • 1 DLCs
    • 1.1 Dawn of Jurassic World
      • 1.1.1 Species
      • 1.1.2 Skins
      • 1.1.3 Buildings
      • 1.1.4 Scenery
    • 1.2 Triassic Pack
      • 1.2.1 Species
      • 1.2.2 Buildings
      • 1.2.3 Plants
      • 1.2.4 Scenery
    • 1.3 Project: IBRIS
      • 1.3.1 Species
      • 1.3.2 Behaviour
      • 1.3.3 Buildings
      • 1.3.4 Plants
      • 1.3.5 Scenery
  • 2 Updates
    • 2.1 Switch Update
      • 2.1.1 Dinosaurs
        • Skins
        • Behaviour
      • 2.1.2 Plants
      • 2.1.3 Misc.
    • 2.2 Christmas Update
      • 2.2.1 Plants
      • 2.2.2 Dinosaurs

  • Elaphrosaurus
  • Amargasaurus
  • Lambeosaurus
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Dimorphodon

  • JW Website Baryonx
  • JW Website Parasaurolophus
  • JW Website Pachycephalosaurus
  • JW Pteranodon

  • Egg Spinner
  • T. Rex Kingdom Redwood Viewing Shelter
  • Zipline
  • Coffee Shop
  • Classes of Livestock Feeder
    • Small - Turkey
    • Medium - Goat, Donkey, Sheep and Pig
    • Large - Cattle and Camel

  • Spinosaurus Skeleton

  • Coelophysis
  • Postosuchus
  • Mussaurus
  • Lis…

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Pokemonzizzle8383 Pokemonzizzle8383 22 June 2019

An Epic Image, New Park Teaser!

This Is a teaser image for my small park named A Bite Of Prehistory, it has a few dinosaurs and is still WIP, So Here Is the Teaser Image! 

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TheJollyScot TheJollyScot 9 June 2019

The JollyScot's recipe for a mostly herbivore dominated park; for challenges or for campaigns.

Hello everyone. With the Claire's Sanctuary update on the horizon, I thought I may make a blog discussing what exhibits and dinosaurs I usually have in my parks. I use this mainly as a standard pattern for both effeciency for challenges and certain campaign maps such as Tacano and Pena. With that, lets dive in.

  • 1 Exhibit 1, Cretaceous Herbivore exhibit
  • 2 Exhibit 2 Sauropod forest
  • 3 Exhbit 3: Ceratopsian plains.
  • 4 Exhbit 4: Chinese Stegosaurs/ Stegosaur community
  • 5 Exhbit 5 Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus exhbit
  • 6 Exhibit 6 Ankylosaur community
  • 7 Exhibit 7. Early Cretaceous nodosaurs
  • 8 Other exhibits.

This is usually one of the centre pieces of the park and a great way to save on space for other exhibits. The trick to this exhibit is to use the Stress Inhibito…

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NarendraMartosudarmo NarendraMartosudarmo 26 May 2019

We’re in Facebook

It seems that the developers have taken notice of this wiki. It probably won’t be long until we have more helping hands to improve it.

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TheJollyScot TheJollyScot 22 April 2019

Jurassic World Evolution and the future

So, with the latest DLC release there's been a lot of excitement with the game. This pack has a lot of new content, aside from the new dinosaurs. It hints at some new unique animations added for each dinosaur genus, well hopefully. I haven't seen any new animations outside of the new three, but I wouldn't be surprised if Frontier added anything new for the other dinosaurs to keep them fresh.

Now I'm sure the question is, what is next. There has been rumours of a Jurassic World Evolution 2 , again made by Frontier, with some claiming that the current game is too limited to expand upon. This is a point of contention for me. While it is true that many of the animals are kind of samey in animation and don't really have much personality of their…

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Rapsisbetter Rapsisbetter 31 March 2019


am i seeing this!?!?!? under the dilophosaurus is a new "super secret dinosaur" has been announced when frontier gave us an image when the developer was on the computer!

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Owerslachlan Owerslachlan 24 March 2019

Dinosaurs i want to see in a future DLC

Hi guys and today i would like to talk about what dinosaur species and hybirds i would love too see be added in Jurassic world evolution so lets begin.

This post will be updated.

Pachyrhinosaurus- as we know this dinosaur was seen on the Dinosaur protection webiste as one of the many dinosaurus which was planned to be added in jurassic park but due to issue's pachyrhinosaurus was never cloned for jurassic park but was later cloned for Jurassic world  after the Indominus rex  breakout the pachyrhinosaurus was confrimed to be still alive and it was reported that at least some pachyrhinosaurus were saved from Isla Nublar to be sold off in a auction it is unknown if any are sold off and later the pachyrhinosaurus would be set free alongside the …

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Carnogigantus Rex Carnogigantus Rex 24 February 2019

Jurassic World: Endgame

We took a step from a Jurassic Park to a Jurassic World in 2015.

We watched the Park die with Benjamin Lockwood.

We watched Henry Wu, through it all, strive to create life . . . But what will come of it?

As both Henry Wu and Hugo Strange, B.D. Wong strikes a certain level of sinister that only Sheev Palpatine can counter. We now know that he is creating hybrids and Bane for war alone . . . but why?

Henry Wu was the top of his class. He was taken on by Hammond so his work could be widely known, as it was over the twenty-six years so far of Jurassic Time.

What went wrong?

To keep his creations under control, Wu used to work in deficiencies into his creations. Lysine contingency, for one. Somehow, this failed, and his creatures were able to adapt.


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Mjmannella Mjmannella 24 February 2019

Update Concepts for Jurasic World Evolution

Over the past few days, I've been working on some concepts for some (relatively) realistic additions to the game, both in the form of DLC and an update. They're pretty extensive, so I put them into document files:

A Viable Expansion (DLC)

Update 1.7.0

If you have any feedback about these, let me know!

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 28 January 2019

My own JWE Fan Cinematic.

  • 1 Part One.
  • 2 Part Two.
  • 3 Part Three.
  • 4 Part Four.
  • 5 Part Five.
  • 6 Part Six.
  • 7 Part Seven.
  • 8 Part Eight. (Ayy I'm back!)

After all the chaos of Ingen, Masrani, and k0noa's dinosaur theme parks, another person decided to have a go. His name was Hunter, and although he was a juvenile park builder, he had the guts to give it a whirl. Isla Nublar was empty after the safari park's unfortunate incident (IK that hasn't happened, but k0noa will do that. You'll see), so it was open for massive construction after he bought it. He chose a large area near the sea. Several shops, a hotel and an Innovation Center were built on a main street-ish area, and everything else needed, like power, Rangers, ACU, and Hammond Creation Lab/holding pen, were built out of sight. Now …

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Bricker808 Bricker808 11 January 2019


I have FINALLY unlocked Isla Tacano but am having complaints, why start with negative money and not being able to get any money unless I completely delete everything? I like the set up, I want to keep it!

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Cryptking666 Cryptking666 30 December 2018

problem of DLC on the PS4

is it normal that on the PS4 there is more the DLC jurassic world fallen kingdom

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TheJollyScot TheJollyScot 22 December 2018

DLC ideas

Thought I might give this a go. Here are some DLC ideas for  dinosaurs which I would like to be added into the game. I doubt many will, but its a nice thought. I also think the game needs new guest facilities. It does get pretty boring after a while plotting down the same attractions over and over again, a problem JPOG also sort of had except worse because that only had one food shop and one gift shop.  Anyway here are a few suggestions of mine. As a note there are no hybrids, marine reptiles or pterosaurs suggested, sorry. I don't know much about other hyrbids and I want to wait and see if marine and flying creatures will be actually implimented into the game first. Also, one of the main aspects of this DLC suggestion list is bringing mor…

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 13 December 2018

Asian Desert DLC.

The Asian Desert DLC adds 5 new species of dinosaurs from Asia, mainly in or around the Gobi.

  • 1 Oviraptor.
  • 2 Tarchia.
  • 3 Protoceratops.
  • 4 Tarbosaurus.
  • 5 Nurosaurus.

"This Oviraptor is a very nice touch to your park. I'm pretty sure it won't be attacked by most hebivores." Cabot Finch.

The Oviraptor is the first animal unlocked, found by expiditions on Matanceros. The Oviraptor is a carnivore, but it won't attack herbivores, and herbivores won't attack it or panic when it's around. It lives in packs of three to twenty Oviraptors, can exist with thirty other animals max and is the only carnivore that flees from others. It's one of the fastest dinosaurs in the game.

"A Tarchia? That is an actually nice dinosaur. You don't have much ankylosaurs in the park a…

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Indoraptor123 Indoraptor123 21 November 2018

Troodon hunting.

Okay, the DLC launched, we have the troodon and we all seen what he is capable of doing, but one thing bringed me attention:

The animation of when he is biting the leg of bigger dinosaurus.

And another thing: Dinosaurs dont care about others, they need to escape? Lets just pass trough the dinos!

So, the dinos should not try to run trough other dinos, and what does influece the Troodons?

Pack hunting! The dinosaur cant escape an troodon attack! Heres an exemple:

4 Troodons engage an lone Olorotitan:


Troodon                  Olorotitan                 Troodon


This way, the Olorotitan cant escape, cause he will get bitten again and again! He is doomed!

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 14 November 2018

All the dinosaurs I want in the game.

These are the species I want to see in Evolution at some point in time. I am not showing pterosaurs or marine reptiles, however I AM going to do crocodilians and snyaspids. If you want to see my Ice Age idea, go Here.

Albertosaurus, Amargasaurus, Argentinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Camptosaurus, Compsugnathus, Crylophosaurus, Dryosaurus,  Gastonia, Herrerasaurus, Iguanadon, Microceratus, Minmi, Onthelia, Plateosaurus, Riojasaurus, Tarchia, Zuniceratops.


Deinosuchus, Dimentrodon, Dodo, Kanymeria, Titanaboa.

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Historybuff12345 Historybuff12345 13 November 2018

i week left

its just one week until secrets of dr wu is out

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Dinosaurus1 Dinosaurus1 11 November 2018

Dinosaurs I would like to be added to Jurassic World Evolution in the future.

This is a list of animals that I would like to see added into the game.

Note: This does not include marine reptiles, since it is understandable that Frontier has many things on their hands for now.

  • Alioramus
  • Amargasaurus
  • Argentinosaurus
  • Australovenator
  • Bajadasaurus
  • Borealopelta
  • Brontosaurus
  • Camptosaurus
  • Cearadactylus
  • Charonosaurus
  • Chilesaurus
  • Coelurus
  • Concavenator
  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Deinocheirus
  • Dimorphodon
  • Edmontonia
  • Einiosaurus
  • Gorgosaurus
  • Hatzegopteryx
  • Hypsilophodon
  • Kaprosuchus
  • Kritosaurus
  • Lambeosaurus
  • Lufengosaurus
  • Masiakasaurus
  • Megalosaurus
  • Microceratus
  • Minmi
  • Monolophosaurus
  • Mononykus
  • Mussaurus
  • Ornitholestes
  • Ornithomimus
  • Oviraptor
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Plateosaurus
  • Postosuchus
  • Prenocephale
  • Protoceratops
  • Rhamporhyncus
  • Sarcosuchus
  • Segisaurus
  • Shunosaurus
  • Suskityrannus
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Therizinosau…

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Historybuff12345 Historybuff12345 8 November 2018

new dlc

recently they annouced a new dlc on the forums which adds 3 new hybrids and 2 new dinosaurs and new story along with that on two of the islands a new section is out and INDOMINUS CAMAFLAGE GENES

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Historybuff12345 Historybuff12345 25 October 2018

We need better Dino ai

Dino’s like ceratosaurus are way to aggressive to other Dino’s the only Dino’s that should be hyper aggressive is the indoraptor and i Rex but every other Dino should not be so aggressive and the herbivores well most of them should not be mad when theirs more than their population count cause yea I just hope they make better Dino ai

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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 23 October 2018

Possible Ice Age DLC

This is my idea.  This DLC adds a new island.

  • 1 Isla Congelada.
  • 2 Isla Congelada Animals.
    • 2.1 Woolly Mammoth.
    • 2.2 Woolly Rhino.
    • 2.3 Gylpodont.
    • 2.4 Sabre-tooth.
    • 2.5 Quagga.
    • 2.6 Terror Bird.
    • 2.7 Giant Ground Sloth.
    • 2.8 Short faced Bear.
  • 3 So what do you think?

"Ah. Isla Congelada. This island is too south for it's frozen lands, but hey, at least we can run Glaicer Park here."

Ian Malcom.

This island is a frozen wasteland. Dinosaurs can't survive here, but most animals for this DLC can. This is the largest island on the Five Deaths, because there are so many animals here to unlock.

"Ah, the Woolly Mammoth. A classic addition to the park. Beware of it's sudden need to have companions."

Cabot Finch.

The Woolly Mammoth is the first animal availble to the player on Isla Con…

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Dinosaurus1 Dinosaurus1 9 October 2018

My Jurassic World Theme Park.

Hello, everybody to my planned dinosaur theme park for Jurassic World Evolution!

  • 1 Herbivore Valley
  • 2 Tyrannosaurus Kingdom
  • 3 Raptor Run
  • 4 Sauropod Plains

  • Triceratops
  • Stegosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Edmontosaurus
  • Gallimimus
  • Struthiomimus

  • Tyrannosaurus rex

  • Velociraptor
  • Deinonychus

  • Apatosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Camarasaurus
  • Diplodocus
  • Mamenchisaurus
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YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta YetanotherThegreatCreepypasta 9 October 2018

My JWE Park Idea.

This is my idea for a park in JW: Evolution. This is my idea, FYI.

Island: Isla Nublar.

Animals living there.
Parasaur Peaks.
Parasaurolophus, Camarasaurus , Styracosaurus.
Tyrannosaur Town.
Tyrannosaurus Rex .
Ceratopsid South.
Triceratops, Sinoceratops, Sauropelta.
Stegosaur Swamps.
Stegosaurus , Mamenchisaurus , Gallimimus.
Raptor Rock.
Velociraptor .
Brachisaur Beach.
Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus , Edmontosaurus .
Corythosaur Canyon.
Corythosaurus, Nodosaurus, Torosaurus.

Viewing Platforms: All.

Gyrosphere: All Herbivore Enclosures.

Hotels are in the island's center.

Tell me in comments!

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The Arrow37 The Arrow37 2 September 2018

Jurassic World: Isla Nublar

Jurassic World: Isla Nublar is a dinosaur park created by The Arrow37. It has a total of 101 dinosaurs.When it opened it had the T. rex Kingdom, Carnivore Country 1, and the Gyrosphere.

  • 1 Enclosures
    • 1.1 Indominus Rex paddock: (not open to public)
    • 1.2 Spinosaur enclosure:
    • 1.3 T. rex Kingdom:
    • 1.4 Allosaur Enclosure:
    • 1.5 Suchomimus enclosure
    • 1.6 Carnivore Country 1:
    • 1.7 Carnotaur paddock:
    • 1.8 Ceratosaur enclosure:
    • 1.9 Carnivore Country 2:
    • 1.10 Raltor Paddock: (not open to public)
    • 1.11 Gyrosphere:
    • 1.12 Gallimimus Valley:
    • 1.13 Cretaciouse Cruise:
    • 1.14 Gondala lift:
    • 1.15 Ankylosaur enclosure:
    • 1.16 Pachy Arena:

  • Indominus rex: 1

  • Spinosaurus: 1

  • Tyrannosaurus: 1 (Rexy)

  • Allosaurus: 1

  • Suchomimus: 2

  • Baryonyx: 2
  • Dilophosaurus: 5

  • Carnotaurus: 2

  • Ceratosaurus: 3

  • Metriacanthosaurus: 2
  • Deinonychus: 6

  • Ve…

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Theferretman21 Theferretman21 21 August 2018

Park Showcase: A Lost World

I used "A Lost World" as a way of recreating a canonically accurate Isla Sorna, well, here it is.

1. Velociraptor tribe encountered in "The Lost World". Currently 4 raptors make up the tribe near the "Worker Village".

2. The Buck Tyrannosaurus. Only one individual exists here for obvious reasons too anyone who plays the game. He represents his entire family.

3. The Game Trail Currently holds 4 species, one herd of Parasaurolophus, one herd of Gallimimus, 3 Mamenchisaurus, and 4 Edmontosaurus.

4. The Pachycephalosaurus herd has moved away from the Game trail and settled near the lake, the herd currently consists of four individuals. 

5. The Stegosaurus herd seen in the Lost World resides here, currently made up of 6-7 individuals.

6. A pair of B…

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Pokemonzizzle8383 Pokemonzizzle8383 7 August 2018

Isla Nublar raptor site

5 Years Before Jurassic World Opened the remaining part of jurassic park was used for cloning raptors, the next big thing for the park, later the very geome for the raptors alpha would be used for blue delta charlie and echo.

the area is not available for public access but for people who can afford paying the 14k fee to get there it is worth the pay, a luxury hotel, a arcade, and many tours; from gyrospheres to a guide through the hammond creation labs.

thedinosaurs here have settled to the dark and will only hunt during night and dusk.

the park is home to  two paddocks

a main velociraptor habbitat, four velociraptors:




and VCR-004

(the names are this bland because of these being test studies only)

and the Deinonychus habbita…

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Owerslachlan Owerslachlan 6 August 2018

Jurassic world:Isla Nublar

Isla Nublar park user: Owerslachlan  this park was created by user owerlachlan it has all 56 Dinosaur and the park has 283 dinosaurus in the park.

  • 1 Caputred herbivore's from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom paddock.
  • 2 Carnotaurus Paddock
  • 3 Allosaurus paddock
  • 4 Baryonyx Paddock
  • 5 Suchomimus and Dilophosaurus Paddock
  • 6 Tyrannosaurus Paddock
  • 7 Indoraptor Pddock
  • 8 Spinosaurus Paddock
  • 9 Gyrosphere paddock/ cannon herbivore paddock.
  • 10 Second smaller Herbivore paddock.

this paddock is for the caputre herbivore's from Jurassic world fallen kingdom and some other dinosaurus which i found out that might have been caputre aswell like the Diplodocus which i found a tooth of one in ken wheatly tooth bag and Pachycephalosaurus which there was roar was heard in the lockwood m…

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Cyrannian Cyrannian 5 August 2018

Jurassic World: Isla Nublar

Jurassic World: Isla Nublar is a dinosaur resort and theme park located on Isla Nublar, the site of the original Jurassic Park. Operated by the Hammond Foundation, the park was opened utilising the profits earned from operations on the islands of the nearby Muertes Archipelago, and came to represent the pinnacle of the Foundation's endeavours.

  • 1 Locations
    • 1.1 Pachycephalosaur Enclosure
    • 1.2 Carnotaurus Paddock
  • 2 Trivia

Located close to the entrance to the park, the Pachycephalosaur Enclosure is home to three Pachycephalosaurus, two Dracorex and four Stygimoloch. It is located adjacent to the main street area, and south of the Carnotaurus paddock. On the left of the enclosure are three five star hotels, affording guests an expansive view of the enclosure and …

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