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DAMN YOU! Pick up that phone. I want you to call the police, it'll be easier if the story comes from you.
- Benjamin Lockwood

Benjamin Lockwood is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Benjamin Lockwood partnered John Hammond in the original creation of InGen. After the events at Jurassic World and the impending threat to the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar he puts a plan together to save the dinosaurs from the eruption. He still maintains significant business interests but these are generally managed by Eli Mills, with some overall guidance from Benjamin.

He cared deeply for his staff, notably Iris Carroll and Eli Mills and treated them as part of the family. His granddaughter, Maisie Lockwood, occupied most of his affection and he enjoyed spending time hearing about her latest imagined adventure.


  • Benjamin Lockwood seems to be based off of Norman Atherton from the original Jurassic Park novel. Both men are silent business partners of John Hammond who helped in developing genetic cloning technology, both also dealt with personal issues before the park was fully made. Norton Atherton died of heart cancer before the first dinosaur was genetically cloned, while Benjamin Lockwood had a falling out with Hammond over issues of how to use the cloning technology.

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