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[Approaching Isla Sorna]
Make sure you get us as close as you can! I'll give you something extra if you make it a good trip.

- Ben Hildebrand

Ben Hildebrand is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Ben Hildebrand was Amanda Kirby's boyfriend after her divorce from Paul Kirby. He took her son Eric Kirby parasailing off the coast of Isla Sorna in May 2001. While enjoying their flight, they passed through some mist and discovered that the boat was now unmanned. He managed to disconnect the rope before the boat crashed into some rocks.

Hildebrand steered the parasail towards land where they crashed into a tree. He died, leaving Eric to survive alone on the island.

Hildebrand's body was discovered by Dr. Alan Grant, Billy Brennan and Eric's parents during their rescue mission.

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