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The subject of this article is a character from the Jurassic lore.
The subject of this article is from the InGen Database.
The subject of this article is from the base game.

We finally make progress and that's the first thing he says? Make a weapon?
- Barry Sembѐne

Barry Sembène is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Barry was a friend of Owen Grady and worked with him on the InGen security project to train the Velociraptor pack. He had a French background and knew Grady before InGen.

He demonstrated a close bond with Delta, one of the Velociraptor pack.

Along with Grady, Barry warned Vic Hoskins about the danger of trying to use the Velociraptors to hunt the Indominus rex . He was the first to realize that the Indominus rex and the Velociraptors were communicating. During the initial encounter, Barry was trapped in a log by Blue, but Grady distracted the raptor to allow Barry to escape.

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