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The Bahariya Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Bahariya Formation is a collection of rock strata located in the Western Desert region of Egypt. The El Heiz and El Naqb Formations sit above it and the basement underneath. It was named after the nearby Bahariya Oasis by Said in 1962. The stratigraphic range dates to the early Cenomanian, 95 million years ago.

It forms the base of a vast depression, and the sediment is formed through successive layers from rises and falls in sea level. It is primarily sandstone, with siltstone and mudstone also in evidence.

This site is known as one of the most productive fossil sites in Africa. As such a wide variety of finds originate from the Bahariya Formation, including lepidosaurs, sauropods, and theropods.

Fish fossils are abundant here, including giant predatory fish. Despite this known richness of finds, it remains one of the least studied.

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