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• 2/17/2019

The movies.

Someone seems to be adding pages about the movies like the Gallimimus Valley or the Mosasaurus. They seem to not have an account or not logged in. Can you please delete the pages? I've already edited a few. If they are meant to be there than ignore my mistakes.

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• 2/4/2019

Adding pictures

Do we only post pictures on this wiki that are posted by Jurassic World Evolution on Facebook, Instagram, etc, or can we post our own pictures, as long as they are relevant to the page we are posting them on?

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• 1/24/2019
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• 1/20/2019

What should the add next???

Vote for what's next
  • Waterfalls
  • Different trees
  • Baby dinosaurs(with added gene for this of course)
  • More dinosaurs for starter isla sorna(male female rex, brachiosaurus
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• 1/18/2019
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• 1/17/2019

Do you guys think Ceratopsians should be more aggressive?

So this had been bothering me. I love the ceratopsians in the game, I really do. But to me, their behaviors are kinda bland. Like for example, when a jeep comes they just run off. But this is not really realistic, for example, modern day African Bush Elephants are known to take down jeeps. I think we need some challenges, for example the alpha let's out warning calls and if you don't back up it charges at you. That would be very interesting in my opinion. But do you guys agree. Also watch this video:


Do you agree?
  • Yes!
  • No.
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• 1/16/2019

Hadrosaurs Pole

  • Para
  • Oranotitan
  • Tsintaosaurus
  • Strutiomimus(your conversion is invalid against are lord and savior;))
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• 1/16/2019

Best hadrosaur dinosaur

There are many hadrosaur dinosaurs in game but which is the best from skins,shape,size, and character so vote for best hadrosaur

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• 1/16/2019
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• 1/15/2019

The Pole

Worst dinosaur in game
  • Anklydocus
  • Torosaurus
  • Carcaradontosaurus
  • Maisaura
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• 1/14/2019

Worst dinosaur in game

There are good dinosaurs in game for example are lord and savior Struthiomimus but there are not so good so vote for the worst dinosaur in game

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• 1/11/2019

Which one are you most satisfied with?

Which one is the best in Secrets Of Dr. Wu?
  • Stegoceratops
  • Troodon
  • Ankylodocus
  • Olorotitan (she deserves love, too) :(
  • Spinoraptor
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• 1/4/2019

hey guys, i need help getting a page done for people to see, if we don't do it, it will be bad


FRONTIER (trademark)
FRONTIER (trademark) Jurassic World Evolution Wiki
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• 12/22/2018


Out of curiosity why doesn't this wiki have badges?

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• 12/21/2018

Future of JWE (Just discuss)

ok while i'm a little disappointed that we only got 3 dinosaurs in cretaceous pack when there's a crap load more to go through, here to talk about what might appear and what kind of other animals should appear like the Crocodiles and possibly Titanoboa

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• 12/18/2018

I HAD to share this!

You see how the Ceratosaurus here is sick with campylobacter, she’s still in the hatchery waiting to be born! She’s also the one that started the disease!

Post image
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• 12/15/2018


when will it come out on ps4?

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• 12/14/2018

What is your opinion on the Carcharodontosaurus?

Personally I like it very much, especially the Steppe pattern.

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• 12/11/2018

1.6 in 2 days!

1.6 is coming in 2 days! It’s bringing 14 new skins, new sandbox options, and 7 new challenge mode islands. As well as 3 new achievements

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• 12/4/2018


Can someone please add a hybrids bar underneath the dinosaur tab under the title of the wiki? So there is Herbivores, carnivores and Hybrids.

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